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Women's Health

Can a Peanut Ball Reduce Labor Time?

Looking to shorten your labor time? This peanut-shell-shaped ball may help.

Prevention & Wellness

Is Your Latex Allergy Keeping You From Practicing Safe Sex? Here Are Alternative Contraceptives

Condoms used by men and women have no side effects but can cause irritation and other discomforts for people with latex allergies or sensitives.

Women's Health

7 Breastfeeding Tips for New Moms

Establishing a good breast milk supply in the beginning can make a difference in how long you are able to produce and how much. Follow these tips to keep your breast milk supply up.

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Food & Fitness

Top Foods and Drinks That Improve Liver Health

From coffee and tea to blueberries and beetroot juice, these foods and drinks have been shown to boost your liver health.

Conditions & Treatment

7 Top Reasons You're Peeing a Lot

Are frequent bathroom trips interfering in your day? Here are seven things that could be the culprit.

Prevention & Wellness

Why the Flu Shot is Important for People with Diabetes

People with diabetes should get yearly flu shots, as the flu is more risky for people with chronic disease.