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Prevention & Wellness

Does Good Oral Hygiene Mean a Healthier Heart?

You may have heard about research in the past that showed poor oral hygiene can lead to heart problems, because of increased bacteria in the bloodstream that increases inflammation in the body. Inflammation can lead to heart-related complications.

Healthcare Topics

How to Tell if your Child’s Heart Rate is Healthy

Your child’s heartbeat is the most precious sound in the world. So how do you know your child’s heart rate is normal? And when should you be concerned?

Food & Fitness

4 Tips For A Heart-Healthy Life

The path to a healthier heart begins with you. Follow these simple lifestyle tips to give your heart a little extra love.

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Food & Fitness

3 Fast Food Swaps

It is possible to make healthy choices even when dining at your favorite fast food restaurant.

Healthcare Topics

Low Blood Pressure

Inadequate blood flow due to low blood pressure could result in oxygen and nutrients not reaching key organs. For some, it causes no problems at all, but it can cause dizziness and fainting in others.

Healthcare Topics

Neck and Arm Pain: Could This Be the Cause?

Neurogenic thoracic outlet syndrome, which affects women more often than men, also frequently affects swimmers, rowers, volleyball players, baseball pitchers and other athletes who make repetitive overhead motions with their arms.