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Can Intellectual or Developmental Disabilities Affect a Child's Behavior?

Problem behavior is common in children, but for children with intellectual or developmental disabilities, behavior can be more challenging to manage. Here's why.

Food & Fitness

Can I Exercise with COVID-19?

If you're recovering from COVID-19, you may want to ease back into your workout routine. Consider these tips from Ochsner physical therapists before hitting the gym.

Health Trends

Mardi Gras Ladder Safety Tips

Mardi Gras ladders are a great way for your kids to experience parades. It’s important to practice safety when using ladders on parade routes.

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Conditions & Treatment

Glaucoma Risks and Treatment: What You Need to Know

January is Glaucoma Awareness Month, and now is a good time to schedule a comprehensive eye exam with your optometrist or ophthalmologist. Glaucoma has no early warning signs or symptoms and more than half of people with this disease don’t know they have it.

Mental Health

Why Do I Feel Sad?

Did you know sadness and depression aren't the same thing? Sadness comes and goes. Depression comes and stays.

Conditions & Treatment

Everything to Know About the Pediatric Cath Lab

Ochsner Health has a pediatric interventional cath lab, which further enhances our abilities to provide quality care for heart patients of all ages.